Diabetic Feet

Care for Diabetic Feet

Looking after your feet if you are diabetic is very important. Many people only find out the importance of looking after their feet once they are diagnosed. Being diabetic can reduce the feeling and sensitivity into your feet over time – this is a concern because there is an increased risk of ulcers appearing on the foot. Ulcers can escalate very quickly if left untreated.

It is very important that you seek the help of a professional who can assess the circulation and the sensitivity of the foot and keep your feet in good condition so that more serious conditions can be avoided.

Our Diabetic foot assessment consists of the following:

  • An in-depth look at previous medical history and current prescription medications
  • A doppler ultrasound machine will check the pulses of the feet to check circulatory status
  • A Monofilament test will check the sensitivity of the feet
  • Temperature check and clinical observation of skin tone and general health of nails
  • A review to discuss what treatments going forward will be best for your foot health
  • Footwear Assessment to make sure shoes are fitting comfortably

Recommended Treatment

  • Visit our Clinics: Our qualified Foot Health Practitioners or Podiatrist can assess the foot with a series of examinations and an in depth look at your medical background.
  • Footwear Assessment: It is very important that footwear is evaluated by our qualified shoe fitters – the footwear should fit so that there are no areas of direct pressure or rubbing which can cause a diabetic ulcer. There are options of footwear which are seam-free, minimising the risk of shoes rubbing.